What you get

Beautiful and efficient homes constructed in controlled conditions:  the benefits

We know the most environmentally sustainable buildings are those that are beautiful, adaptable and long-lasting.


Our use of 3D computer assisted design software enables us to accurately manage projects.  Our clients benefit from this accuracy as we can account for all materials which contribute to the project’s budget, and we achieve our sustainable building goals by reducing wasted time and materials.

We collaborate with designers, subtrades and clients from the early stages and throughout the building process.  We respect the input of our professional subtrades during all phases of construction and include the client in these discussions.  The result is fewer communication errors and oversights, a streamlined process and a high quality product.

We can get started with a sketch on a napkin or get you in touch with a professional architect who will work with us to bring your project to life.

Peace of Mind

Energy efficiency is the key to sustainable building.  Buildings are a huge contributor to greenhouse gases and living in a home that requires less energy to heat and cool is an important contributor to positive change.  Choosing an energy efficient home also saves you money.  Our homes cost less to operate than the standard home due to their energy efficiency.  Our energy efficient homes take care of you:  they are quiet, comfortable & safe, and solid, strong & long-lasting.


Our homes are built to stand the test of time.  Not only are they built to higher standards of quality than is the law, but because they require less energy to operate, they are protected from the uncertainty of rising energy costs:  No matter what happens to energy costs, our clients will always benefit from requiring less of it.

We have a layered approach to building:  Much like we ‘layer-up’ to go outside during the winter, we treat the air-sealed, insulated, layer of a building as our buildings’ outer layer.  We don’t poke holes in our outer layer – we keep electrical, plumbing and HVAC services in an inner service chase.  This separation ensures the quality of the insulation is uncompromised and complete for years to come, securing your investment for the future.   Another benefit of this ‘open-building’ approach is our homes are more adaptable to changing technologies, modifications and upgrades.  It is our belief that a building that is structurally sound and thermally efficient, and which can adapt and flex to its’ occupants’ needs, is a solid and sustainable investment.

Quality materials - selected and cared for

We only source the highest quality materials and appliances for our projects including:

  • Low and dual flush toilets
  • Triple glazed windows
  • Higher R value building envelopes, including sub-slab insulation
  • Low VOC materials and paints
  • FSC certified finishing materials
  • LED light fixtures where appropriate
  • Energystar rated appliances

As well, during construction, our materials remain dry and are stored properly; our tools are kept clean and in good working condition; and, most importantly, our carpenters remain dry, warm and comfortable – ready and able to complete tasks correctly and efficiently.

Project Flow

Our off site production capabilities allow us to design and build your project’s wall, floor and roof panels while the foundation is being prepared.  Our packages are shipped to your site and ready for installation as soon as the foundation is ready.  Installation time can vary but most residential projects can be ‘locked up’ in 2 to 3 weeks.  We can help you get your project completed faster, getting you and your trades out of the weather and indoors, reducing your construction time and protecting your investment from the elements.


Our upcoming line of pre-designed homes are energy efficient, adaptable & designed with production, installation & finishing cost efficiency in mind.
This makes high quality, high performance, living more attainable for entry-level homeowners, or those downsizing and simplifying their home.