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building with foresight :  our methods

We are efficiently producing high-performance, healthy, and long-lasting homes.


Adhering to high-performance building principles, our building envelopes have thick, super-insulated walls with cellulose and mineral wool insulation, are vapour open and are taped and sealed for air tightness.

We consider our homes to be High Performance because they use less energy than typical buildings, have better indoor air quality, and are durable and long-lasting.

Energy efficiency is obtained through the use of lots of insulation below the slab, in the walls and in the roof. As well, we source high quality windows, and we give great attention to air-tight detailing.

 Our homes achieve Passive House levels of air-tightness with less than .6 Air Exchanges per hour

. The indoor air quality is ensured through the use of a high quality Heat Recovery Ventilation unit (HRV).

The durability and longevity of our homes is achieved by isolating the air-tight, insulated, layer of the building from its’ electrical, plumbing, and HVAC services. The insulated layer is sealed and air-tight, and therefore uncompromised – this keeps moisture from entering the wall (from inside and out), preventing mold and rot.

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Pre-designed Homes

Coming soon – Our range of pre-designed buildings will be ‘Net positive ready’ – that is, they are designed to be complemented with renewable energy sources to require no additional energy than they produce themselves. We achieve this potential by using a super-insulated structure, combined with simple, moderately sized designs. Some of these simple and moderate plans can be stacked, joined, or both, and their floor plans can be flipped, reversed, altered and combined. Each pre-designed building model has a range of additions and components that can be added, including attached and detached garages and carports, different configurations of decks and dormers, a range of timber and steel stair options and accompanying railings, mantles and other finer woodworking options. These homes, including additions and options, can be designed and combined by our customers on our website.

Off-site Construction

We build wall, floor and roof panels in our 3000 ft2 shop. Building indoors, in a controlled environment out of the weather, allows us to keep our materials, equipment and tools in the best possible condition during the home construction.

Building in the shop facilitates a more efficient flow of materials and increases the speed of construction. Combine this with the potential for constructing the building envelope while the foundation is being prepared, and the construction timeline decreases significantly.

We benefit from having little material wasted due to improper storage, the ability to check and control quality more easily, reduced theft and vandalism of materials, and a high level of employee comfort and satisfaction.

This translates to a high quality product, produced in a clean and efficient workplace, using well cared-for tools and materials.

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Material Management

Our products are made from local materials whenever possible. We endevour to use quality, sustainably sourced, materials which add to the durability and indoor air quality of our homes.

 All materials are quantified by our Cad software, which allows us to accurately estimate the cost of construction.

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Project Management & Collaboration

Collaboration during the design phase includes the customer as much as possible. In order to retain this spirit of collaboration, we manage our projects using project management software. This facilitates efficient management of project timelines and keeps our customers and sub-contractors informed and engaged during the construction process.


3D CAD Design

We first build a project in 3D CAD in its entirety, collaborating with the architect, customer and other trades from the design stage onward. When the design is finalized, we generate complete 2D shop drawings of each panel and commence the fabrication. 

This provides us with a vision of the whole project, with all of its’ components and parts, before it starts. The result is fewer mistakes and greater construction efficiency.

Valemount PH1                  Tan Kok Design model